Why Trade Micro E-Mini Futures

Why Trade Micro E-Mini Futures

Trade a slice of the most liquid equity index futures
Get the same benefits that make E-minis a staple on Wall Street, now on a main street budget at 1/10th the contract size. Enjoy nearly 24-hour trading, no management fees, portfolio diversification and more.

Enjoy greater versatility in your trading strategies
Fine-tune your equity market exposure or tailor a position to reduce risk. With futures, you can go short as easily as you go long – no short-selling restrictions. Full fungibility with E-mini futures adds more flexibility for your trading positions.

Use leverage to get more out of your money
Control a large contract value with a small amount of capital and no expense ratios for max capital efficiency. Add greater upside with potentially lower trading costs vs. a basket of securities or exchange traded funds (ETFs)

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