Pivot Strategy Reminders

Very Important! We strongly recommend you print this page and keep with you where you trade.

Computer Settings:

  • Your computer must be set to Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Your computer’s sleep mode settings must be set to NEVER
  • VPS info?
  • Internet: Make sure your internet is stable and strong with at least…..

Before/After Trading Hours:

  • Trading Hours are 9:30am to 4pm EST
  • Exit the TradeStation Desktop (click yes to all when asked to save)
  • Restart Computer before trading every day

During Trading/Operating Strategy:

  • If you see an open trade after trading hours immediately call the TradeStation trade desk at: 800.837.8951

TradeStation Key Contacts:

  • Caroline Seymour: cseymour@tradestation.com or (312) 803-3843
  • Futures Trade Desk Direct Line: 800-837-8951 U.S. (toll-free);
  • 954-652-7930 International (direct)
  • Overnight Trade Support Team 954-652-7930