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Gap-MTG martingale system: a system of investing in which the dollar value of investments continually increases after losses, or the position size increases with the lowering portfolio size.

An initial gap trade at the open of all four indexes is a straightforward yet effective strategy that capitalizes on price discrepancies resulting from market activity during non-trading hours. The concept revolves around the ‘gap’ that occurs when the market opens at a price significantly different from its previous day’s close. This disparity creates an exploitable opportunity for traders.

The process begins with analyzing the closing price of the Dow Jones index from the previous trading day. When the market reopens, if the opening price deviates substantially from the prior close, it creates a visible gap on the price chart. The essence of the strategy lies in identifying and acting upon this gap.

Our Gap Strategy, employing this approach, aims to capitalize on the momentum generated by the gap, taking a position in the direction that aligns with the gap’s direction. For instance, if the market opens higher than the previous close, traders might consider taking a short position, anticipating the price to move lower looking to fill the gap. Conversely, if the market opens lower, traders may take a long position, expecting the price to converge and fill the upward gap.

This strategy is characterized by its simplicity and speed, making it attractive to traders seeking quick opportunities at the market open.

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The Gap is (Arch Public’s) simplest strategy and gave me the opportunity to get comfortable using automation 30 minutes a day and I’m done…

Don R. 

A stress-free way to invest! Arch Public's automation takes the guesswork out of trading.


  • 1.27 Profit Factor
  • Simple and speedy. The Gap Strategy trades only once a day at the open.
  • Risk management, stop losses, and capital compounding included in the internal parameters.
  • Trades take no longer than 30-90 minutes each day.
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S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and Russell 2000





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Trading The Gap - 101

A gap occurs when the market price of a security jumps to another price level, either higher or lower, where little if any trading has taken place. A good example is an unforeseen comment from a senior Fed official regarding the direction of interest rates. Once the comment hits the newswires, markets may react immediately, with market makers pulling their bids and offers. This may cause a price gap from the last price at $25.20 to $26.50, for example.

Gaps are frequently seen in price charts of almost every security. In stocks, the most frequent and significant gap occurs between the daily close and open of the exchange. In FX markets, since they operate 24 hours a day, a gap may not be visible (possibly on a one-minute chart) but instead appears as a very long candlestick covering the gap in price. (FX markets may experience gaps over the weekend, between the Friday New York close and the Sunday Asia opening.)

Price gaps can bedevil traders, especially if they’re on the wrong side of the gap. The most attractive trading opportunity with gaps is to go long or short as the market moves to close, or fill, the gap. a reasonable gap trade strategy would be to sell the instrument that has opened higher than the close.  The price opened at 26.50, a short position was opened in this example (sell short) in anticipation to close the gap...(the space between 25.20 and 26.50).  If the market's underlying instrument we are trading continues in the opposite direction of the gap we cut our losses quickly and move onto another trade set up for the day.

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