Pivot Strategy - RTY/M2K

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This strategy relies on the previous day's price action to determine the support and resistance levels for today's trades. The automation will calculate and apply these lines to the chart automatically and will wait for a breakout of these levels and a pull back to enter a trade. Targets are split into two targets, after the first target is hit the trade is free closing half of your position and there is zero risk with the stop loss being moved to breakeven. This strategy can trade for the entire session and take multiple trades per day.

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  • A pivot is an important price level to a trade on a chart.
  • Pivot points are calculated levels that indicate whether a trader should be bullish or bearish, as well as provide potential profit targets.
  • Pivots and pivot points provide traders with information about where the price could head next, help them make trading decisions, or generate trade signals.

Understanding The Pivot Strategy

A pivot can be area that a trader view as important, such as weekly high or low, daily high or low, a swing high/low, or a technical level.

Pivot points are calculated levels. Floor traders originally used a pivot point to establish important price levels, and those are now used by many traders. After analyzing data from the stock’s historical price, a pivot point is used as a guide for how the price may move. Other calculations provide support and resistance levels around the pivot point. Pivot points can be calculated based on various time frames, therefore providing information to day trading, swing traders, and investors.

When the price is above a pivot point it is considered bulllish, when the price is belwo the pivot point it is considered bearish. Levels above the pivot point are calculated and called R1 and R2, with the R standing for Resistance. Levels below the pivot point are calculated and called S1 and S2, with S standing for Support.

How it works

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