Technology and Trading: Why Arch Public Is Creating A Retail Renaissance In Trading

Technology and Trading: Why Arch Public Is Creating A Retail Renaissance In Trading
Technology continues to rapidly reshape the landscape of trading, through the evolution of algorithmic trading. Just as algorithms have mastered chess, they have also demonstrated their prowess in trading. 
Trading success hinges on strategy, discipline, and execution, areas where algorithms hold distinct advantages.
Algorithms excel in strategy development; executing complex, real-time calculations simultaneously. They uphold unwavering discipline, relying on mathematical algorithms rather than emotions to enter and exit positions. Trading algorithms execute trades with lightning speed, easily surpassing human capabilities. Preprogrammed stop losses trigger instantly, without broadcasting trades to the larger exchange order book.
Arch Public continues to democratize access to the tools employed by hedge funds, family offices, and global investment banking firms. So why Arch Public:
  • Control Over Funds: You retain full control over your funds at all times. Arch Public lacks access to your brokerage accounts, leveraging TradeStation for U.S.-based broker dealer protection.
  • User-Driven Control: After purchasing our algorithm(s), you gain absolute control over it, operating it locally on your computer. Arch Public wields zero control as the algorithm(s) becomes entirely user-driven.
  • Futures Market Trading: Our algorithms trade in the Futures markets for the DOW, S&P, Russell 2K, and Nasdaq, accommodating account sizes from $15,000 to $2,000,000. Futures trading benefits from unique taxation rules due to the 60/40 rule.
  • Daily Position Closure: Our algorithms trade on the CME and automatically close all positions at the end of each day, mitigating overnight carry risk.
The power of trading automation is within your reach. The recommended starting point is the Gap Strategy, a straightforward approach betting on gap closures, historically successful more often than not. The strategy intelligently manages losses and profits, requiring no manual intervention.
Unlike traditional business setups, this opportunity demands no setup time, inventory, or employees. All you need is a robust computer, a TradeStation account, and our trading algorithm(s) to embark on this journey. 
Embrace the future of trading with Arch Public.

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