A Highly Liquid Alternative Asset

If the Gateway Trader is the appetizer, the Arch Public Concierge Program is the main course.We’ve designed the Concierge Program to be the white glove experience for algorithmic trading. This is an all access membership for those that are ready to apply Arch Public’s superior performance across a larger portion of their portfolio using a personalized suite of Arch Public’s proprietary strategies.

✔️ User Controlled Funds

✔️ Daily Settlement in Cash

✔️ SEC/FINRA Registered U.S. Brokerage

✔️ Continuous Algo Improvements

✔️ Tax Advantaged

✔️ Dedicated Server

✔️ Largest Liquid Markets

✔️ Long & Short Positions

Yes, this is real. No, don’t take our word for it.

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  YM Algorithm ES Algorithm
Total Net Profit $60,823 $112,406
Profit Factor 2.35 3.1
Ratio Avg Win:Avg Loss 1.65 2.17
Percent Profitable 58% 55%
Total Number of Trades 68 51

User Controlled Funds and Risk

As a Concierge Program Member, you have complete control over your capital and trades at all times. This means that you can make decisions and execute trades without any external interference or limitations.

Having this level of control ensures that you have the freedom to manage and grow your investments according to your own preferences and strategies.

By maintaining this control, you can actively monitor and adjust your portfolio, explore new strategies, and make informed adjustments based on your financial goals. Rest assured that your capital and trades are always in your hands, empowering you to take charge of your financial future.

Account Settled in Cash Daily

Our strategies trade only during market hours (9:30AM - 4:00PM EST), meaning your account is settled in cash on a daily basis. This unique feature provides several benefits for you.

First, it ensures that your capital is protected from any overnight swings in the market, giving you peace of mind and stability.

Second, it guarantees maximum liquidity, allowing you to have instant access to your funds and easily transfer them to different areas of your life whenever needed. Whether you want to invest in other opportunities, cover unexpected expenses, or simply enjoy the flexibility of having liquid assets, our cash settlement process makes it quick and convenient for you. You can trust that your capital is secure and readily available at all times.

Dedicated Server for Trading Continuity

All Concierge Program Members have the advantage of trading on a high-performance dedicated server that is strategically located in close proximity to the exchanges. This exclusive feature guarantees that your orders are executed with exceptional speed, minimizing the risk of missed trading opportunities.

Furthermore, by utilizing this dedicated server, you can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing downtime caused by unpredictable internet or power outages at home.

This level of reliability grants you the freedom to explore the world and attend to your personal commitments without worrying about the status of your trades. The convenience of remote access to your server allows you to monitor and manage your trades at any time and from any location.


Uptime via MyTradeHost dedicated servers across the US

Personalized Risk Management

As a new Concierge Program Member, you will benefit from personalized support to enhance your experience. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup. Your account manager will not only assist you in managing your suite of algorithms but also provide you with the necessary skills and confidence to do so independently.

One of the key advantages of being a Concierge Program Member is the opportunity to customize your portfolio of Arch Public strategies. Your account manager will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements, including your desired performance goals, capital size, and risk tolerance. Based on this information, they will tailor a portfolio of Arch Public strategies specifically designed to meet your needs and maximize your potential returns.

👔 Tailored Portfolio

🦺 Custom Risk Tolerance

🤝 Dedicated Support

Tax Advantaged

All Arch Public strategies trade futures indexes, namely the Nasdaq, S&P 500, Russell, and Dow. Futures trading offers unique tax advantages, providing a potential tax benefit compared to other short-term trading markets. This is due to the fact that profitable futures trades are taxed on a 60/40 basis: 60% of profits are taxed as long-term capital gains, while 40% are taxed as ordinary income. In contrast, profits from stocks held for less than a year are taxed 100% as ordinary income. Consult with your tax specialist on how you can maximize your tax advantage trading Futures.

  • 60% Long-Term Cap Gains
  • Same deductions as other markets
  • Simplified Reporting

SEC/FINRA Registered 🇺🇸 U.S. Brokerage TradeStation

Arch Public strategies are executed through your TradeStation account, providing you with a seamless and efficient trading experience. TradeStation, a U.S. registered brokerage, is regulated by both the SEC and FINRA, ensuring that your capital is protected and your trading activities are in compliance with the highest standards.

As an added benefit, all Arch Public clients are eligible for a generous 50% discount on futures commissions, allowing you to maximize your potential profits.

Long and Short Positions

  1. Short sell in down turns 📉
  2. Double down on bull markets 📈
  3. Profit on the ride up or down 🤌🏼

Unlike blindly purchasing an index fund, Arch Public strategies are unbiased in direction - they are designed to exploit high probability movements in the market whether it be in bull markets or bear markets. This means our algorithms can short sell the market in down turns or recessionary periods, providing profits in an otherwise poor economic environment.

Furthermore, our strategies are meticulously developed to identify not only short-term market movements, but also long-term trends. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced data analysis techniques, we are able to uncover hidden patterns and signals that provide an edge for our algorithms.

In addition to our ability to profit from market downturns, our strategies also have the potential to generate substantial returns during periods of market growth. This is due to the unbiased nature of our algorithms are constantly scanning the market for opportunities in both directions.

Algorithms are continuously improved and adapted

Our dedicated team of highly skilled researchers and talented developers constantly strive to enhance and optimize our strategies, ensuring that they remain highly effective and flexible, capable of adapting to the ever-evolving market landscape.

Furthermore, our relentless efforts in innovation and technological advancements are focused on the continuous development of cutting-edge algorithms for our renowned Concierge Program. These state-of-the-art algorithms, meticulously crafted by our experts, will be made readily accessible to you as soon as they are thoroughly tested and deemed ready for implementation.

Suitable for Accounts Starting at $50,000

The Concierge Program is designed to cater to a wide range of accounts, starting from $50,000 and going up to $10M and even beyond. Our suite of algorithms is highly flexible and adaptable, allowing us to scale our services according to the specific needs and requirements of each account.

With our dedicated account managers, we ensure that our Concierge Program Members not only achieve optimal performance but also receive personalized attention as their account continues to grow over time. This level of scalability and personalized support sets our Concierge Program apart from any other program in the market, making it the ideal choice for those looking to maximize their investment and achieve long-term success.

Membership Benefits

Access to all to Arch Public’s algorithms (production & beta)

Ability to trade up to capital limits established by client tier

White glove 1:1 onboarding for first 3 months

Personalized portfolio of algorithms

Beginner to Advanced training in our methodology and strategy operations

Invitation to Arch Public events

Where does Arch Public’s Concierge Program fit in my portfolio?

Most investors struggle to find an asset class that consistently outperforms the S&P 500, until now.

Existing Options Are:

  • Illiquid (Real estate 🏡)
  • Unregulated (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Require large capital commitments (Private Equity)
  • Volatile (Stocks)

Arch Public Provides:

  • Highly liquid (always in cash on market close)
  • Regulated (SEC/FINRA regulated markets)
  • Scalable (Supports accounts from $50k to $10M+)
  • Risk Optimized (Clients control risk allocation)

Same suite of strategies, two different portfolio options

Most investors struggle to find an asset class that consistently outperforms the S&P 500

A High Performance, Long term Investment

For investors that want to tap into the compounding effect, Arch Public strategies can be used as a high performance investment vehicle for those seeking phenomenal long term returns

An Income Generator

Because Arch Public strategies trade on futures markets, every account is settled in cash at the end of the day. This unique aspect offers clients the ability to treat the strategies as a source of cash income, allocating profits to pay for healthcare, a vacation, their child's education, and anything else they desire. The unique tax treatment of futures profit provides further benefits.

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