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The Gateway Algo is simple. An initial gap trade at the open on one or all four indexes is a straightforward yet effective strategy that capitalizes on price discrepancies resulting from market activity during non-trading hours.

The concept revolves around the ‘gap’ that occurs when the market opens at a price significantly different from its previous day’s close. This disparity creates an exploitable opportunity for traders.The process begins with analyzing the closing price of the Dow Jones index from the previous trading day.

When the market reopens, if the opening price deviates substantially from the prior close, it creates a visible gap on the price chart. The essence of the strategy lies in identifying and acting upon this gap.

Subscription Type: Monthly - Dow

Subscription Type

In a Nutshell

  • User controlled funds
  • Account is settled in cash daily
  • Personalized risk management
  • Tax Advantaged
  • Trades only the largest liquid markets
  • SEC/FINRA Registered U.S. Brokerage TradeStation
  • Long and short positions
  • Algorithms are continuously improved and adapted
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Trade Count

4-7 per month




0.5% - 2%

Starting Capital

$10,000 (recommended)

Avg Annual Return


Regular People - Successful Traders

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